Commonwealth Careers

Our Strength is Our People

Ultimately, while Commonwealth may build, develop, and manage hotels, the basis of our business has always been people. We have a passion for providing superior service for our guests, and this starts with fostering a professional environment for our associates.

To start, Commonwealth offers one of the most comprehensive benefits programs in the industry — benefits like affordable medical insurance, abundant advancement opportunities, and comprehensive retirement planning. We maintain Associate of the Month and Associate of the Year programs, which award recipients with trips for two to anywhere in the continental United States. Social activities like picnics and service award luncheons are regular features on our calendar. Our culture of growth also allows us to offer extremely competitive compensation structures.

Perhaps most importantly, Commonwealth is committed to open communication. Bi-annual evaluations, associate opinion surveys, and an open-door policy are always in place. Here, taking care of our associates means more than providing a paycheck. It means creating and maintaining a positive and professional environment.

Further, Commonwealth is committed to associate empowerment. We strongly believe that each and every associate should have the ability to guarantee on-the-spot guest satisfaction. Our associates are strong in the knowledge that they have the full authority to make decisions that take care of the guest right away — no further escalation needed. We trust you.

At every property (and with every aspect of their stay), guests can expect to receive 100% satisfaction from each and every Commonwealth representative at every point of contact. Because of this, our associates develop a special relationship with guests — one that helps them to feel welcome and at home. It is this added personal touch that benefits everyone — guests and associates alike.